You know when you get a minute, you get a break, and instead of just relaxing and taking a moment for yourself you pick up your phone? Have you ever found yourself doing that?

Or do you know when you’re dreaming about that beautiful, remote beach, where you would just lie in the sun and do nothing? And when you get there you find that you cannot just do nothing, you need to do SOMETHING!

I’ve heard that theory that we’re all technology and internet dependant now and that’s why we’re constantly on our phones, on social networks, reading the news, sharing, absorbing information…

But I don’t think that’s what it is, I don’t think we’re telephone dependant, I think there’s something else.

With the rhythm of life that we’re used to having, with the number of tasks and very limited time resources (and energy) our brains are in this sort of constant overdrive. There’s always something you need to be doing, there’s always a problem to solve or something you should think about, there’s always something outstanding. We should see stress as a good thing because it pushes you to do more and quicker – heard that in a TED talk and it made physiologic sense. Adrenaline kicks in as you start your day and that seems like the norm today.

And then you get a moment to Stop. And you can’t. And you pick up your phone.

With us having programmed our brain to constantly do something, to cope with the rhythm of life we have today, I think we’ve lost the ability to pause. So instead of pausing, we go on Facebook, read the news, read a book or watch an episode, to keep our minds busy.

I keep saying you and we, but I mean me.

Is it you as well? And how do you STOP?






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