What an amazing opportunity to see whales, dolphins, flying fish and turtles in their natural environment! And all in a 3 hour boat trip.

Last year we traveled to the Azores and took a whale watching trip to see and learn about the marine life. There are no guarantees, of course, that you’ll spot any creatures, but the guys work in teams, with “watchers” on the ground, looking for the whales’ “puff” when they come to the surface to breath.

Even whales are pretty hard to spot, and they are big, they puff and they leave footprints as well. So what were the chances to find this little guy in the middle of the Atlantic, few miles from the shore? It’s a Portuguese men o’ war – a fascinating creature that I didn’t even know existed. Although it looks like a jellyfish it’s actually a colonial organism. It also stings pretty bad, so if they are brought ashore by wind and currents, mind your step!

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