Spring is finally here! The dark, cloudy and short days are over now, being replaced by beautiful weather, perfect for going out and enjoying nature. That’s not the reality for London, more often than not, but when you do get a day like that, you cannot miss it.

So armed with a weather forecast of sun with no clouds and 12 degrees Celsius, I started planning for our Saturday. Quick search on Google “best beaches in South East England” and there it was – Camber Sands.

Camber Sands is a lovely beach in East Sussex, between Hastings and Folkestone, east of the estuary of the River Rother. The beach stretches out for a few miles, and at low tide it’s very wide as well – perfect for a day out with the kids, dog, horse, barbeque, friends, kite, wetsuit – take your pick! 


The journey from London was rather quick, driving down on M20, it took us about an hour and half. When getting there, we parked at Camber Western – you can pay by cash or app (Ringo – location 15620) and it’s 1£ for one hour, 3£ for up to three hours and 5£ for up to five hours. There’s another carpark further west, Camber Central Car park.

The beach

The northern part of the beach has a sand dune system, which shelters the town from the sandy winds. They’re a great place to lay in the sun, in a more protected valley, when the winds sweep the beach. Lots of kids are running around and playing “catch”, hiding behind the high vegetation.

The beach is well known for its winds, so it’s quite a popular place for kite surfers and kite boarders. It made me seriously think about buying a kite, as looked to be so much fun!

For the less adventurous, enjoying a long walk on the beach can be just as satisfying. Especially that the low tide leaves behind a treasure of seashells – I had to stop myself from picking any more, but honestly, look at this!

The beach is also dog & horse friendly – at least outside the summer months, so you can come down and enjoy it with your canine friend.


When you get hungry, there are a couple of options near the beach. Right across the street from Camber Western carpark there’s a restaurant with rooms, named The Gallivant. Four out of five stars on Tripadvisor, but when we showed up for lunch, they told us they were fully booked – and that’s a Saturday in March, so I don’t want to imagine what a summer day would like it. If you want to eat here, book in advance.
A bit further down the road, there’s a pub called The Green Owl. This is where we dinned and we really enjoyed it – the food was good, the atmosphere nice and the staff was friendly. They serve pub food and grill, so I went for some kitchen skewers, while my husband tried the catch of the day (Mackerel).
The place is also dog friendly. And it has lovely daffodils in front. Who can argue with all that? 



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